Hi, I’m Sandra - Here To Support You In Your Healing and Liberation Journey

As a healing guide, I share concrete, practical ways for you to transform everyday situations of oppression into everyday opportunities for healing and co-creation.

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1. Need immediate support? Join the Online Healing Circle!

You can watch videos of previous session of Tea Time with Sandra, an online healing circle to help you address everyday oppression with self-compassion.

Tea Time with Sandra!

2. Want to go in-depth? Attend a Healing Justice Training!

Get the framework, practices, and community support you need to ground yourself in love and justice - starting with yourself.

Coming In The Future:

  • Healing from Internalized Whiteness: A 10-week online training for white allies who want to identify and disengage from the unconscious white supremacy within themselves and have anti-racism conversations with other white people in a more humanizing and effective way.
  • Healing from Marginalization: A 10-week online training for people of color who want to take care of the pain from assimilation and learn how to have begin co-creating a more humanizing and liberating life for themselves.

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3. Need help with your organization? Check out this Handbook!

Get the Liberating Organizations Training Handbook where you learn how to intentionally structure your organization to be anti-oppressive - and to support you in being your whole, authentic self at work.

Reading Liberating Organizations

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