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I’m here to show how you can address everyday oppression with love and justice - by healing yourself, your relationships, and your communities.

Join me and thousands of others in bringing Compassionate Justice into your daily life.

Our Online Training Programs

Healing from Marginalization

Learn how people targeted by systemic oppression can free themselves from internalized oppression and reclaim their own power and agency in the face of unjust situations.

Healing from Internalized Whiteness

Learn how people of European descent can free themselves from internalized whiteness to begin dismantling racism - starting within themselves and their own community.

What Folks Are Saying About Compassionate Justice

Compassionate Justice has already worked for thousands of people through its online programs. Here’s the impact it’s made in their lives - that could be true for you too:
"I was really struggling in mainstream non-profit organizational leadership and was hungry for practices to make it possible for me to engage in liberation work over the long haul. With the help of Healing from Marginalization, I am now more honest with both myself and others about what I really feel, want, and need and what I am or am not ready to do about those things.

Instead of waiting for oppressive conditions to be eliminated, I know I can care for my pain right now and identify choices available to me at any given moment. I'm more reconnected to my body as a reliable and consistent source of valuable information about what is important for my health and peace at any given moment in time.

This has helped me be less overwhelmed by my body's responses to pain, stress, etc. and to instead regard those as invitations to inquire about what is really going on and decide what I want to do about it. Having options and being able to see and choose among them is a taste of liberation."

- Alexis F.

"Healing from Internalized Whiteness provides white anti-racists with crucial missing tools for the most challenging aspect of our work - navigating our own emotional reactions when confronted with the realities of white supremacy.

These tools help us to work through our knee-jerk tendency to reject ourselves or other white people when we encounter how racism operates through us.

With these tools, we can take on one of our most crucial responsibilities - to engage in productive dialogue with those who knowingly or unknowingly defend white supremacy. This program has helped me to become a more effective change agent by becoming more accepting of what is, within me and around me - so that I can be present to it, honor it, and transform it with courageous compassion."

- Lenore N.

"Before taking this program, my struggle was with checking in with myself in difficult conversations where I was triggered. This would make it hard to communicate effectively and mean what I say without being harmful.

Through Healing from Marginalization, I gained a deep awareness of when I'm in emotionally difficult and triggering situations that allows me to step back before reactively saying hurtful things. This really helped to address uncomfortable situations instead of evading the real issue.

Now that I can be clear about what I mean when communicating - while holding myself accountable and responsible for my behavior. I am now able to speak up for myself and set clear and strong boundaries for myself and for others. It feels so empowering!"

- Esther P.

"Before I thought the answer to addressing white supremacy was in "good" white people coercing "bad" white people into change. Through Healing from Internalized Whiteness, I realized that perspective can be not only hurtful but also inaccurate and ineffective.

Things can get better when "good" white people become willing to connect to the pain of internalized white supremacy and are able to consciously choose to not act in racist ways.

Before I wasn't open to that part of myself. But now, I can actually accompany other white people in addressing their racism, because I'm learning how to address my own."

- Michael B.

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