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November 28, 2018: How To Ask for Emotional Acknowledgement - Even If You're Scared To

Often times, when we're upset, what we most need is to just have our emotions be acknowledged.

Yet that can be hard to do because it feels so emotionally charged to even name what you're feeling - much less ask for acknowledgement of it.

Sandra will share how you can ground yourself and ask for what you need.


November 7, 2018: How to know who you’re becoming - even if you feel lost

With the world burning the way it is now, it can be hard to know how we want to show up.

We know something needs to change but we don't know what or how.

Sandra will guide you through a visualization practice to reconnect with who you're becoming...who you've always been before oppression told you otherwise.

October 31, 2018: How To Get Ready To Have a Compassionate Accountability Conversation>

Many people struggle with how to have a conversation with someone who has hurt them in a way that is both compassionate and unapologetic.

Too often it becomes a dehumanizing, painful conversation for everyone involved.

Sandra will show the steps involved to getting emotionally ready to have a compassionate accountability conversation.

Please note that guidance on how to have that conversation is in Sept. 19th's session.


October 17, 2018: Why Focusing on Healing Can Get In the Way of What We Proactive Need

While focusing on healing is important for our liberation, it can actually unintentionally leave us just taking more and more hits in this world.

Sandra shares the other components of living a liberating life - so that we don't have so much to heal from in the first place!

October 10, 2018: How To Rest Today - To Rise Up Stronger Tomorrow

There's a lot happening in the world right now.

And it feels like we can't stop fighting.

Except we're also burning out.

Learn how to rest today so you can rise up stronger - tomorrow.

October 4, 2018: How To Talk To Yourself - Like You Deserve

Sometimes we're our worst critics.

It's hard to not be when we've received so many toxic messages from systemic oppression about how we can't just be who we are.

Learn how to respond to your inner critic in a way that can both soften and release it.

SEPTEMBER 19, 2018: How To Ask For What You Need - Even If You’re Scared To

Once you're grounded in yourself again, you are more able to have a conversation with someone else about the situation that got you worked up in the first place!

But there's a way to set up that conversation so it is more intentional and respectful of where both parties are coming from.

Here's a way of thinking about how to co-create the container for the conversation!

SEPTEMBER 5, 2018: How To Start Disentangling Yourself from a Toxic Environment - Even If You Feel Trapped

Learn why it can be so hard to leave a toxic environment even if you want to and even if you technically can.

So you can start to free yourself internally from toxic people and prepare yourself for whatever next step you want to take.

That way, you can be emotionally ready to leave and feel grounded enough to know what you want and ask for what you need.

SEPTEMBER 5, 2018: How To Affirm Your Feelings - Even If You Don’t Want To Feel Them

Sometimes the reason why we don't know what we want is because we don't want to acknowledge what we're feeling.

It can be scary, especially when authentic feelings are a threat to systemic oppression.

Here's how to affirm where you're at - including if that's being scared, annoyed, or frustrated by your feelings.

Because your feelings deserve to be acknowledged - by you.

AUGUST 29, 2018: How To Listen For Your Inner Voice - Even If You're Scared To

If you're struggling to know what you want or need or afraid of acknowledging how much something hurts, that makes sense.

We live in a society that tells us that our feelings and needs aren't important - but they are.

Here's a healing practice focused on holding space for words you may have been scared to say out loud before - even to yourself.