how you can support this work

Dear friend,

As someone who offers spiritual and healing support, it's important to me that my work is financially accessible - and that I'm financially supported.

Nothing kills spiritual and emotional capacity like worrying about paying your bills!

To balance that tension, I offer my work on a radical sliding scale. So those who can pay more, do and those who can't, pay less.

If you've benefited from my work and feel called to financially support me, below are some ways to do so.

Your generosity means that I am able to do local work in communities, especially communities of color, without needing to get paid.

When we all give what we can, we all can be cared for - including you and me.

Thank you,
Sandra Kim

1. Monthly Contributions

Monthly donations are the best way to support me and my work. It provides a regular income that I can count on.

Over time, I'd love to have my basic needs be entirely covered by these monthly donations!

2. Single Contributions

While monthly contributions are more financially sustainable for many people, you may prefer to do a single contribution.

I welcome those as well! You can give an annual amount or just a one time amount.

3. In-Kind Services

If you have certain skills or just time that you'd like to offer, here's some areas that I need support with:

  • Adding captions to my videos, particularly for Tea Time with Sandra

If you are interested in doing that, please email me at

I Appreciate You

I want to freely and fully give spiritual and healing support to those who want it - without worrying about my basic needs being covered.

So thank you for helping us co-create a different way of resourcing this journey for both of us.

I couldn't do it without you!