Healing from Internalized Whiteness Training

April 18 - 20, 2019 in Takoma Park, MD



Liberation Logic offers a powerful framework to understanding how we can transform our oppressive society into a liberating one - starting with ourselves and our relationships.

In order to apply a fractal approach to liberation, we need healing practices to engage in inner work and co-creation practices to nurture transformative relationships.

That's why Sandra Kim is offering Healing from Internalized Whiteness training to help white people who've taken Liberation Logic training to continue to develop their capacity to engage in liberatory work.

PURPOSE: To help you unhook from unconscious whiteness and domination logic and re-ground in your own humanity and liberation logic - so you can engage in anti-racism/oppression and pro-liberation work from a grounded, humanizing place.

Sandra is also intending to offer a Healing from Marginalization training for people of color who've taken Liberation Logic training. So we can all nurture our capacity to engage in multi-racial transformative relationships.

WHO: Only for white people who have taken Liberation Logic training. Mixed race people with European ancestry who are interested in looking deeply at their own internalized whiteness are welcomed.

WHAT: This training delves deeper into the dehumanization strategies that you learned about in Liberation Logic (which was borrowed from this training) within the context of whiteness and offers concrete practices to shift away from dehumanization to re-becoming human together.

You will get:

  • A framework of what internalized whiteness is and a fractal approach for liberatory healing
  • Healing practices to get in touch with and take care of the pain of internalized whiteness
  • Co-creation practices to navigate emotionally charged conversations about oppression and other difficult topics

WHEN: Thursday, April 18th - Saturday, April 20th, from 9  am - 5 pm.

WHERE: Sandra's home in Takoma Park/Langley Park, MD.

FOOD: A light breakfast will be provided by Sandra and lunch will be a potluck provided by the participants. You can share dietary restrictions in the post-registration form.

CAPACITY: Up to 12 people can register due to limited space. There will be a waiting list and future training opportunities if there's enough interest.

FEE: The registration fees below are meant to balance our values of financial accessibility for people with limited financial means and financial sustainability for Sandra to offer this unique work. We invite people with greater financial means and class privilege to help make this training more accessible to those with limited financial means by paying the sponsorship fee.

WORK EXCHANGE: One slot is available for someone for whom $200 is a financial hardship and can provide logistical support to Sandra in exchange for free registration. Email Sandra at skim@sandrakim.com to apply.

TRAINER:  Sandra Kim is the Founder of Everyday Feminism, one of the most popular intersectional feminist media sites, and Re-Becoming Human where she teaches how to heal from oppression and co-create a liberating life and community, based on her social justice work and her personal healing and spiritual journey.  She is the creator of trainings on Healing from Internalized Whiteness, Healing from Marginalization, and Nurturing Liberating Organizations, which has been taken by over 2,000 people.

Subsidized Fee

  • If your annual income is less than $30,000

Regular Fee

  • If your annual income is between $30,000 - $80,000

Sponsorship Fee

  • If your annual income is >$80K or if your org is paying

Important Logistical Information