An invitation to co-create a community space for us

As you’ve been reading about in my emails, it’s been a pretty wild rollercoaster over here with me listening to my heart and spirit around this healing justice work I do – in a oppressive and exploitative society that doesn’t value it.

Thankfully, due to my healing practice, I’ve been able to gently hold space for all the different hopes and fears coming up for me – and talk with you about them.

It’s an uncommon and somewhat strange thing to pour your heart out to an email list of people you’ve never met before.

But I have found so many people replying to me about how they’re feeling so similarily…

They can’t keep continuing living and working the way they do. They don’t know what to do differently but they do know they’re tired with being miserable and dehumanized.

If this resonates with you, please read on.

This is for you.

What I’ve Been Learning From Our Conversations

When I first started out these email conversations, I was realizing how much the fear of financial insecurity was driving many of my life decisions.

Financial insecurity was quickly taking up all the creative and spiritual space in my life that I had worked so hard to create – and what allows me to do healing justice work.

And this is true for me as someone who is precariously middle-class. While I don’t have a steady income and I support my parent, I am highly employable and am able to get and work paid jobs if I chose to do so.

Other people are not as privileged as I am, whether that’s due to ability, education, location, or another factor. They have far more financial struggles and far less support than I do.

I thought that if I couldn’t figure it out for myself, how much harder must it be for others?

So I started talking to y’all about it in these emails – and getting such affirming responses!

Between my healing practice and your support, I’m continuously releasing my fears around financial insecurity – and embracing the possibilities of community resourcefulness.

So I don’t know really what I’m going to do about money in the long-term. And that has real consequences for the people who rely on me to provide them with money – and myself of course.

But focusing on that fear won’t get me to where I want to be. It just makes it harder for me actually.

Instead, I’ve been holding space to listen for what makes my heart sing and what the world is calling on me to give.

And thankfully I have my healing and spiritual practices and personal community to hold me in this journey.

Where I am Now In the Conversation

As I’ve been having conversations different people, it’s become clear to me that regardless of what type of radical and different life we want to create for ourselves…

All roads lead back to healing…

…Healing from internalized oppression and privilege

…Healing from what not feeling enough or worthy

…Healing in community where we’re seen and valued

…Healing as part of our everyday resistance and everyday liberation

And so I find myself back where I started, which is wanting to offer my healing justice trainings, like I used to but then thought I didn’t want to.

Oh the irony!!

But I’d like to offer them differently this time.

I want to offer my trainings in a way that is focused on..

…You being held in community – so you know you’re not alone

…You learning how to water the seeds of healing – especially when you feel too overwhelmed or unmotivated around doing the healing practice

…You learning how to be in loving, healing community – so you have less to heal from and can spend more time co-creating a different future

And I want to start this online and then help you create in-person spaces. Because while online spaces are great and convenient, they will never create the magic that’s possible in in-person spaces.

Sound like something you’re interested in?

If so, please continue reading on!

How I’d Like To Invite You Further Into This Conversation

To bring this possibility to life, I’d like us to continue exploring this question of ‘how do we want to be in community together?’

It’s a kinda hard and weird question to be asking to my email list of people who I probably will never meet in-person. (And unfortunately it calls for rather long emails!)

But I also think we need to experiment with what works to build community across time and space – while also creating in-person spaces.

I’m also wanting to pause the conversation about how to financially support this work since I’m noticing how even the mere mention of money is stressing folks out and causing people to disengage with the conversation of how we want to heal together.

Thanks capitalism and money trauma *sarcasm*

So I’m going to ask you to also release financial insecurity in this conversation and consider the possibility that together, we can work this out.

I ask you to trust that we can work out a way for me to provide teachings on healing that’s financially sustainable for me and financially accessible for you.

…Just later.

Sound good?

If you’re down for this conversation, I’d like to invite you to an online feedback circle. (Closed now!)

That way, I can continue co-creating with you how we want to be in community together in this journey of re-becoming human.

Talk soon!