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The Formal Description Of What RBH Is About

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Re-Becoming Human (RBH) is an online educational platform that supports you in transforming everyday oppression and marginalization into everyday opportunities for healing and liberation - at the personal, relationship, and community level.

Our Model

The Re-Becoming Human model provides a path and concrete practices for you order to heal from your oppressive past and co-create a liberating future, in loving community.

By being deeply mindful of the present moment, we can address everyday oppression with love and justice and transform them into opportunities of individual and collective liberation.

The Re-Becoming Human model was developed by Sandra Kim, who also founded Everyday Feminism, one of the biggest feminist and activist independent media sites.

RBH is based on more than 10 years of Sandra applying Zen Buddhism to her personal life and anti-oppression work, which has transformed her world several times. And with each time, she has become more and more free internally and externally - and in ways she never even knew were possible before.

Sandra's committed to sharing her journey and the key insights and practices that have supported her in reclaiming her own humanity and living from a sense of shared humanity with others - so you can find your own path home back to yourself too.

Our Core Beliefs

The Re-Becoming Human model is grounded in these five core spiritual and social liberation beliefs, which are:

  1. We are naturally whole people and originally one with each other - but systemic oppression has torn us away from these spiritual truths.
  2. We have been conditioned by systemic oppression to reject parts of ourselves and others - based on different privileged and marginalized identities.
  3. We can return to spiritual wholeness by reconnecting to those rejected parts and people - from a place of compassion and sense of shared humanity.
  4. We get back in touch with our full power - when we can hold the wholeness of ourselves, especially the parts we once rejected.
  5. We can build our collective power to resist oppression and co-create a more loving, just world - when we allow ourselves and each other to be human in the process.

Our Core Offerings

The Re-Becoming Human model provides:

  • A path to re-becoming human that shows how a new world is possible for you when you focus on healing yourself, your relationships, and your small communities
  • Gentle healing practices to help you release the pain that’s keeping your internally trapped
  • Transformative co-creation practices to help you invite people into exploring new ways of addressing emotionally charged issues together
  • Inclusive self-governance practices to support your small communities to compassionately address oppressive dynamics at its root and be called higher

With these core practices, you’ll be able to stop dehumanizing yourself and others and become the person you’ve always dreamed of being - all while being held in loving community committed to healing and liberation.

Our Core Programming

Through this online educational platform, Sandra shares her insights and practices and nurtures virtual and in-person communities. To learn more, you can:

Upcoming programming include:

  • Take her free courses via podcast where she share the frameworks and concrete healing and liberation practices
  • Join the movement by becoming a member of our growing community of people declaring "I'm human too!"

How You Can Get Started

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The Emotionally Real Description Of Why RBH Exists

Every day, more and more people like you are wanting to do something to stop systemic oppression in their lives and communities,

Whether that’s due to white supremacy, patriarchy, exploitative capitalism, or corrupt governments.

We’re different because we refuse to fight the dehumanization of oppression with more dehumanization.

We understand that dehumanization in service of liberation is still dehumanization.

We refuse to treat people like they’re disposable

Even if they disagree with us, even when it’s hard for us not to.

Some people will tell you that this is impossible. The actions, the silence, the ignorance of others causes so much harm and makes you so angry.

You can’t help but want to dismiss them - or try to make them change their minds from that dismissive place.

We think this desire to dehumanize people who cause us pain is very understandable and very human - but acting on that desire will not give you what you want.

That dehumanizing approach usually just leads to more broken trust and less desire to talk to them later - much less dismantle oppression together.


We’re offering a different approach - a humanizing approach

Where when you feel emotionally charged by an unjust situation, you focus first and foremost on taking care of your own pain.

Because your feelings matter.

We show you how to give yourself the gentle acknowledgment and compassionate care you always deserved but didn’t get in our dehumanizing world.

And from that place of self-humanization, you’ll much more able to approach the other person in a humanizing way too.

Because we acknowledge that we’re all human - and that we all struggle with our unconscious conditioning to remain ignorant of the deep impact of oppression and our role in it.

But when we can embrace that ignorance with gentle awareness, we can choose to do something different.

Together, we can call each other higher and become the people we’ve always dreamed of being, the people we always already have been.

You can reclaim your right to be human

Audre Lorde said, “the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house,” which means we need to get different tools.

So here’s the main tool the master never wants you to have.

It’s called being human.

The good news is that you’ve already got it. You just need to learn how to reclaim it.

And you don’t have to do it alone. We’re here to help guide you so you can find your own way home - back to yourself.

So join us in this movement of people declaring “I’m human too!”

How You Can Get Started

Sign up for our email list below and get our special welcome emails to
start your off right on your journey to re-becoming human!

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