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 My trauma was driving me to social justice work -
and driving me into the ground

Growing up, I always knew that I was going to help people who were suffering.

At a young age, I came to the belief that when you cry, no one will come to help you. To survive in this harsh world, I decided to be an unbreakable rock.

So I made it my life mission to always go to those who cried out.

Because I was an unbreakable rock and I didn't want people to feel the pain of being abandoned in their suffering.

I believed my role in life was to let them know it wasn't their fault, that they weren't alone, and that it could get better.

Living the Life - Of Numbness

Fast forward, I was working my dream job at a nonprofit in my early 20's.

But my life became filled with emotional abuse from people struggling with illness and trauma who claimed to care about me in both my personal and professional life.

It took a long time for me to register how they treated me as abusive and controlling.

I thought it was just my role in life to be there for people struggling - no matter the cost to myself.

This left me completely numbed out to my own pain of being emotionally abused and controlled - and therefore unable to name what they were doing to me.

I also didn't recognize it for what it was since it didn't look like the stereotypical physical abuse - but that didn't make it less damaging to me.

But once I recognized it as abuse with my friends reflecting back to me, I quickly moved to free myself of it.

And it hurt to do so.


Letting Go and Finding Lies

I realized I needed to let go of my trauma-driven role and let my deep fears of not being there for struggling people come true.

That was the only way I could choose to quit my job and the abusive people in my life and create the space I needed to heal from not just the more recent abuse but also what had led up to it in my life.

I learned how my individual and collective trauma from oppression was showing up inside of me - and telling me lies about who I am and who I needed to be in order to be safe.

Lies that told me to sacrifice myself for others, to keep my dreams a secret, to not trust in people.

Lies that kept me from even knowing my true self, much less feel free to express it.


My Journey Towards Liberation -
By Way of Healing and Spiritual Growth

Since discovering the lies of internalized oppression, I've been on a decade long journey of Zen Buddhism-based healing and spiritual growth.

I have created and nurtured a life that is heart-centered, spirit-led, and community supported.

A life where I am free to know and express my true nature - a fierce love that burns away our oppressive illusions and calls us all higher.

I have learned to do this by continuously healing the pain that prevents me from embracing the wholeness of my messy humanity.

Free to embrace my full humanity with all my pain and fears, all my joys and dreams, I am also able to embrace the wholeness of other people's messy humanities, including those who hurt me.

When I can hold space for the wholeness of people who have hurt me, I am able to connect to them - not as monsters - but as human beings who have done something hurtful and have their own history of fears and dreams.

This allows them to also show up as human beings for themselves and for me and to see my humanity as well.

When we can all be affirmed in our humanity, we can come together to co-create a different future grounded in compassion and justice.

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The Formal Bio

Sandra Kim is dedicated to living into spiritual and social liberation in each and every moment and nurturing loving communities that support these intentions.

She shares key lessons from her own ongoing healing journey between internalized oppression and spiritual wholeness - as a person with multiple marginalized and privileged identities, as an organizational leader, and messy human being.

Sandra’s keenly aware that this healing journey was only made possible with the generosity and kindness of others. From the spiritual and wisdom teachers who have come before her to the relationships and communities that supported her as a whole person with inherent self-worth.

This leaves her committed to creating caring communities - both virtual and in-person - that can hold the space for each other’s humanities and liberation.

As such, she is the Founder and Training Director of Re-Becoming Human and Founder and President of Everyday Feminism.

In 2018, she founded Re-Becoming Human, an online educational platform supporting people in healing from their oppressive past and co-creating a different future, in loving community.

Sandra developed the Re-Becoming Human approach based on over 10 years of her applying Zen Buddhism and mindfulness practices to everyday situations of injustice and oppression and transforming them into opportunities for healing and liberation at the personal, relational, and community levels.

In 2012, Sandra founded Everyday Feminism, an online magazine helping people apply intersectional feminism to their daily life. It quickly become known for as one of the most popular feminist and activist independent media sites in the world, reaching millions of readers from over 140 countries per month.

Sandra brings a wide range of approaches and skills to Re-Becoming Human from her experience working with independent media for social justice, survivors of violence and abuse, healing and personal transformation, social entrepreneurship, and life coaching. She has worked on the front lines in the fight against human trafficking and in the social innovation and nonprofit capacity-building field.

In short, Sandra wants to help each and every one of us to come home to ourselves again - to be the people you dream of being, the people you’ve always already been, deep down inside.

How You Can Get Started

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start your off right on your journey to re-becoming human!

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